HEYNUTURN Heavy turning machine
for economic complete machining of large, heavy and complex parts
Machine features:
• Turning diameters up to 4000 mm
• Workpiece weights of up to 180.000 kg
• Workpiece lengths more than 35.000 mm
• Torques up to 150.000 Nm
• Basic machine with sliding-rolling guides

Option: Fully Hydrostatic machine for maximum accuracy and surface finish
The economical and complete turning of large and heavy rotary workpieces requires turning machines with high power and accuracy rates. The HEYNUTURN program has been completed by integration of the RAVENSBURG products and represents a wide range of heavy turning machines for workpieces up to 6000 mm diameter; without limitation of the turning length. Best conditions for job-oriented heavy duty turning with high accuracies are given by the 2- or 3-way beds with combined roller guide and slideways or by the 4-way bed with hydrostatic bearings. Hydrostatic spindle bearings are available as well. Tooling systems for turning, drilling, turn-milling and grinding - optionally with automatic pallet changing systems - offer optimum preconditions even for the complete machining of complex and heavy workpieces.
  Tool systems:
• Turning
• Drilling
• Milling
• Turn-milling
• Grinding

Automatic pallet changing