HEYNUFORM precision dynamicsPrecision-high-speed milling machine
Special features of this machine type:

Thermal symmetrically construction in all
accuracy determinant components
Maximal reduction of mass to guarantee high
dynamics in the axes
Upper gantry execution with double support
Four-way compact guideways in X-, Y-, Z-axes
Powerful milling support with high speed range
Automatic changing of milling heads
Use of high-frequency spindles
Digital feed drives designed as double drive
Precision - Dynamic - Performance
Designed as a high-gantry machine in consistent thermo-symmetrical execution to achieve maximum accuracies with high dynamics. Using new composite materials, the new “HEYNUFORM precision dynamics” was developed. The application of torsion resistant drive systems increased the dynamic properties to acceleration ratios of 3m/s² at 40m/min speed. Providing the A/C-axis with large feed forces and driving the C-axis with torque motors complete the new dynamic package.Through a concentrically guided ram and weight-optimized milling heads the machine had excellent precision qualities already in the first stage of development and is improved further by the new thermally stabilized cross beam. The completely newly developed components “cross bar” and “X-beds” make the machine independent of external temperature influences, so that is it possible for the first time, to respond actively to changes in the ambient temperature from the machine side. To enable the complete machining, including “roughing”, a mechanical spindle drive with 37kW power and 1200Nm torque was integrated. The new "HEYNUFORM precision dynamics" is therefore suitable for processing a wide range of workpieces made of steel, cast iron, aluminum or titanium.
HEYNUFORM precision dynamicsPrecision in High-speed
Advantages of the classical design with overhead gantry guides:
• Constant mass ratios in all moving components
• Higher machine dynamics due to the constant weight ratios

Additional Advantages of theHEYNUFORM precision dynamics:
  Thermally stable over the whole machining process:
    • Thermo-symmetrical design of all axes
• Use of new thermo-stabilizing base materials
• thermo-stabilized cross beam
• Cooled motors and gearboxes
  • No heat sources in the machine
• Independent of the ambient temperature
  Increased rigidity in all components:
    • Four guides in all linear axes
• RAM guided centrally in the Y-slide
• Weight-optimized milling heads
  • High rigidity and high acceleration
• High stability, even with extended RAM
  Fast linear axes with high acceleration values:
      • X-axis and Y-axis with rack and pinion drive
• Torsional stiffness of drive systems
• Z-axis with double ball bearing spindle
• Z-axis with no counterbalancing
  • 40 m/min traverse speed
• 3 m/s2 acceleration
  Dynamic rotation axes with head and spindle changing system:
      • C-axis in the RAM with twin high-torque motor
• continuous rotating C-axis
• A axis and C axis with large feed forces
• Head and spindle changing system
  • Highest feedrate in 5 axes
• 3 +2 Axis High Speed ​​Cutting
With the HEYNUFORM precision dynamics provides Heyligenstaedt one, over the entire machining process, thermally stable, powerful and highly dynamic machine. The newly developed cooling management makes the HEYNUFORM precision dynamics resistant against external temperature influences. The demand for a higher surface quality and contour accuracy, without compromising the performance, is thus fulfilled. By using this machine, for example, can reworking costs in tool and mold manufacturing are significantly reduced.
Attachment heads
  • Automatic change of heads the RAM
• Automatic tool change in all heads
• SK Tool holders and / or HSK
2D milling head with mechanical drive
• Spindle power 37 kW (S1-100%)
• Spindle torque 1200 Nm
• Spindle speed to 6000 RPM
2D milling head with motor spindle (spindle change)
• Automatic spindle change
• Spindle power to 47 kW
• Spindle speed up to 60,000 RPM
Straight / Angle Heads
• With mechanical drive or motor spindle
Tool and milling head change
Milling head change
• Automatically in the pick-up method
Tool change
• Automatic tool change in all heads
• Tool magazine with up to 300 tools
Technical data of the HEYNUFORM precision dynamics
  Mechanical drive:
- Spindle power
- Spindle torque
- Spindle speed
37kW (S1-100%)
6000 RPM
- Spindle power
- Spindle speed
up to 47kW (S1-100%)
up to 60.000 RPM
Feet rate
Control system
up to 20.000mm
up to 4500mm
3 m/s2
Siemens, Heidenhain, Fidia