HEYNUDISC Twin facing lathe
for distortion-free double-sided machining of thin discs
No. of slides
Pick-up diameter:
Workpiece width:
Speed range:
Main power:
No. of tools:
Control system:
900 / 1250 mm
350 mm
3 - 355 RPM
50 kW
2x 25 Stück
Siemens 840Dsl
The CNC twin facing lathe Heynudisc permits the clamping of large workpieces, as for example turbine discs, at its outline and their two-sided machining. The workpiece is accommodated in a suitable clamping fixture in such a way that all portions in this setting can be reached by the tools. While during a one-sided setting of these thin discs the danger of a deformation exists, the two-side machining of the parts permits a neutralisation of the deformation forces. The maximum accuracy deviations between right and left workpiece side are then in the range of the machine tolerance itself. Inaccuracies by re-clamping or by cutting forces are avoided. The CNC as well as the extensive tool change magazine for each of the two cross slides with 25 tools permit an universal, economic and accurate application of these twin facing lathes for large taper roller bearing rings, gear wheels, flanges, rims and railway car wheels, tire forms for the rubber industry or other thin disk-shaped workpieces.
Typical workpiece   Steadyrest   Control system and video monitoring