The modular designed milling machine concept for your application
Our solutions for your processing:

• Milling, turning, drilling and grinding
• Traditional or High-Speed
• 5-sided and / or 5-axes machining
• Standard or customized
• From 37kW up to 103kW spindle power
• Single machine or flexible system

HEYNUMILL - S/XL 5-axes portal-type milling machine

Specialist for tool and die manufacturing
• Fixed or adjustable crossbeam
• Portal passage up to 4500x3000mm (WxH)
• Table / double table / pallet sizes up to 3000x6000mm (WxH)
• Up to 80kW spindle power and 3000Nm torque
• Automatic change for Milling heads, spindles and tools
HEYNUFORM precision dynamics Precision High-speed gantry-type milling machine
High-speed with precision and high performance
• 5-axes high-speed cutting with maximum precision
• Thermo-stabilized structure of all machine components
• Up to 47kW spindle power and 1200Nm torque
• Y-axis up to 4500mm
• X-axis up to 20000 mm
HEYNUMILL - GSGantry milling machine

Universal genius for all machining
• Technology: milling, turning, drilling, grinding
• Up to 37 kW spindle power and 1380 Nm torque
• Up to 4000mm Y-axis
• Up to 30.000mm X-axis
• Optional integrated rotary tables
• Machining heads for every processing task

HEYNUSYSFlexible machining systems
Flexibility without limits
• Linking of 10 or more machines
• Pallet handling systems with large rail lengths
• Central head and tool supply
• Central computer for system control and manufacturing