The modular designed turning machine concept for your application
The classic, solid technology with highest quality
• Nominal length up to 6500mm
• Swing diameter up to 1200mm
• Main spindle power up to 100kW, single-slide or double-slide
• Large-sized guides for high accuracy continuous
Multi-technology in one working space
• For the complete machining of complex workpieces
• RA-swivel head
• Main spindle up to 100kW, milling spindle with 30kW
• Tool-replenishment for shortest tool changeover times
Complete machining of large and heavy workpieces
• Full hydrostatic machine for high accuracy
• Tooling systems: turning, milling, drilling and grinding
• Turning diameters up to 4000mm
• Turning lengths up to 35.000mm
Double-sided machining of thin workpieces
• Deformation-free machininh of thin discs
• Workpiece diameter up to 1250mm
• Material thickness up to 350mm
• Video monitoring
• Automatic tool supply
HEYNUPLANFacing lathe
Facing “Made in Germany”
• Turning diameter up to 3600mm
• workpiece lengths up to 2000mm
• Main spindel power up to 160kW
• 1 or 2 tool support